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Which team is the king of the IPL?

Since the first season of the Indian Premier League was held in 2008, it has risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular cricket tournaments in India. The introduction of the IPL has taken the T20 world by storm and changed the way it...

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Who played most IPL matches?

Talking about an IPL match how many matches are there then it is very simple that in IPL there are 60 matches. However, this number is not fixed; it can even vary as well as depend on different factors. For example, in 2021, 60 matches were played...

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The new recommendation of ICC due to the Corona Virus

Due to the pandemic Corona or COVID-19, the International Cricket Council has issued the recommendation. That is nothing but to hire the safety protocols to all the players, umpires, and also the isolation camp for training.  ICC has...

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Why did Mark Taylor felt the T20 World Cup won’t be ahead in 2020?

Mark Anthony Tylor is one of the greatest cricket players in Australia. Now he is the commentator an also the director of Nine Network. He is a right-arm medium bowler and the left-handed batsman and he was called Tubby by the fellow players. We...

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What Robin Uthappa requested to BCCI in 2020

People who were fascinating in cricket, they must be crossed the name Uthappa. What he has requested to Board of Control for Cricket in India? First of let us know who he is. Robin Venu Uthappa is an Indian team cricket player. He was right-handed...

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