Due to the pandemic Corona or COVID-19, the International Cricket Council has issued the recommendation. That is nothing but to hire the safety protocols to all the players, umpires, and also the isolation camp for training.  ICC has recommended developing the apt testing plans for the players in both at the training period and also the competition. The players will take over for 14 days within the pre-match segregation in the training camp and one more point is umpires should wear gloves to handling the balls. Before all of these things, ICC has appointed the chief medical officers to check out all of them. They have given some guidelines to the players and umpires wile in-ground and running around the world too.

Guidelines of Medical officers for ICC:

The first guideline is there are some bio-safety officers will be with the players and ICC until their testing gets complete properly. The next thing is, in the pre-mature isolation training camp players and umpires will be testing and checking by the bio-safety officer about the COVID-19. It may take a solid two weeks which means 14 days proceeding to travel. The full-time job of the bio-safety officer or medical offer will be with ICC entirely and takes care of every player and umpire. They have to follow and implement the government rules and regulations for COVID-19. ICC has asked about the testing plan whether they are adequate to the players during the net practice. For this question, the Medical officer stated that all the players should be handing over caps, jumpers, and towels, and so on. For the umpires, they have to wear masks and gloves compulsorily who will be in both the practice and competition.

The bio-safety officers also exploring the remedies and provide the framework which is even more practical suggestions to self-care while in the room, ground, net practice area, training, and so on. Likewise, the match and the players are unable to separate, even though they should be aware of touching the face and ground, or while fielding they may fell, even while batting also. Most importantly, the bowlers who had over workload than others. So they should be treated well by giving the specific guidelines and they must aware of getting the injuries.  ICC also recommended reducing the workload to the players at all. The bowlers are considered as the high risky people and so they have the sanitized things with them. The bio-safety officer will classify the players as age-wise and afford the effective required things. ICC has arranged the boards to issue the safest workplace like the room for players, meeting hall, ground, and their things, and so on. The players are maintained with 1.5m distance from each other. And if anyone has sneezed or coughed for some time, they will be isolated as much as quick and check them out completely. For the five to six weeks of training, and then facilitated their return to matches of T20s. Due to this pandemic COVID-19 the awaiting international cricket has been in the postponement.