Talking about an IPL match how many matches are there then it is very simple that in IPL there are 60 matches. However, this number is not fixed; it can even vary as well as depend on different factors. For example, in 2021, 60 matches were played in the IPL but now it is predicted that in 2023 there will be at least 74 matches.

As you know that in IPL, daily 2 teams play, and among them, one is the winner, likewise, in the end, only two teams qualify for the end in finale and then the winner is announced. The formula which dictates how many matches are played in the IPL is found with the mathematical formula. 

The matches in the IPL are divided into qualifiers, eliminators, qualifiers, and 1 final according to this the equation of the match is divided and this changes every year in IPL. IPL matches are played based on knock-out tournaments.

Indian Premier League season 14 has come to an end. Fans around the world were excited when CSK won their fourth trophy. It’s time to look at players who have played most IPL matches in this year’s IPL since the next season’s Mega Auction will be held soon and next year’s IPL promises to greatly change the format of the game.

Players. Who played most IPL matches?

Before starting IPL 2023, we can see players which played more matches than others:

  1. MS Dhoni. There is no doubt that MS Dhoni is the most experienced player on this list. He is considered one of the best Indian captains of all time. The nine times CSK has reached the final of the IPL under his leadership has been nothing short of exceptional. He led Chennai Super Kings to an unprecedented four IPL titles (2010,2011,2013,2021). There were 219 matches in Dhoni’s IPL career.
  2. Rohit Sharma. As far as the IPL record goes, Rohit Sharma comes only Second. Rohit played 213 games in the IPL. He has also won five IPL season titles as a captain (2013,2015,2017,2019,2020). IPL title-winning teams have been captained by Rohit (six times).
  3. Dinesh Karthik. In his IPL career, Dinesh Karthik has competed for five different teams. According to IPL statistics, he has played the third-most games. A second-most expensive player that year, the player was bought by Kings XI Punjab in the 2011 edition of the IPL. KKR appointed him as its captain in 2018 when Gautam Gambhir retired.
  4. Virat Kohli. In the current Indian Captain’s career, 205 matches have been played which places him fourth. It is also the only time in the history of the IPL that a player has played for a team for over 200 games. For nine years now, Kohli has served as RCB’s captain.
  5. Suresh Raina. The name Suresh Raina has long been associated with the IPL. He is known as Mr. IPL’ is further evidence of this. His record of the most appearances in an IPL match seemed unbreakable for a long time. His 205 matches played in the IPL make him one of the top players with the most appearances.
  6. Ravindra Jadeja. Ravindra Jadeja, also known as ‘Sir’ Jadeja, comes sixth on the list. Jadeja won the first IPL title with the Rajasthan Royals and has now played for CSK for many years. By now, he has played 200 games in the IPL.
  7. Robin Uthappa. Throughout all his IPL stints, Robin Uthappa has been part of several different teams and he has experienced varying results, but the thing that has always remained constant is that he is dependable and consistent. According to IPL statistics, the 35-year-old is the seventh-highest match-playing player with 192 matches.
  8. Shikhar Dhawan. In his 191 games in the IPL, the left-handed swashbuckling opener ranks eighth on the list.
  9. AB De Villiers. It is a record held by the South African legend that most overseas players have played in the IPL. Mr. 360 is most famous for hitting boundaries and scoring runs all over the field. There have been 184 matches played by the player, most of them by Royal Challengers Bangalore.
  10. Kieron Pollard. In the list, Kieron Pollard is next to AB De Villiers. Since he joined the Mumbai Indians, Pollard has been a core member of the team. He holds the record for the second-most appearances by an overseas player in the IPL with 178 matches in his IPL career.

In the IPL, when any team wins then the team gets a point and if a team loses then it doesn’t get any points. Based on points, only the rank card of the IPL is prepared by which we get to know which leading and the position of other teams and players.

After this comes the qualifier round in which again a few teams play against each other and then the team which loses is removed from the IPL. Then comes the semifinal round in which four teams reach and the two teams who win in the semi-final go to the final round.