Mark Anthony Tylor is one of the greatest cricket players in Australia. Now he is the commentator an also the director of Nine Network. He is a right-arm medium bowler and the left-handed batsman and he was called Tubby by the fellow players. We all know that our world is completely ruining due to this Pandemic. So all the games were down and all the players were somewhat drowsy due to the improper practices. And no one knows how and when this COVID will end. Mark Taylor has opinioned that in 2020, the T20 never be ahead definitely due to such current issue. The board meeting of ICC will discuss the schedule of T20 will be held on November- October but Mark Tylor said that it is not possible.

Mark Taylor felt the T20 World Cup won’t be ahead in 2020

The reason behind Tylor’s Statement:

 Tylor feels like if the IPL of 2020 takes place now, then it becomes the path for the T20 World Cup. But Tylor feels like men’s T20 world cup will not be held in Australia for sure and so the players of Australia to be cleared in the board meeting of May 28. It leads them not to take part in India’s cash-rich league in 2020. Mark Tylor feels like if the decision is taken up in the meeting, then it probably good for everyone in the field like players, the board members, umpires, and also the viewers. Chief Executive officer of ICC is Kevin Roberts who has said that this T20 World Cup was scheduled within October 18 to November 15 may not be finalized until August month.

Mark Taylor felt the T20 World Cup won’t be ahead in 2020

As Tylor said above that if IPL came, then automatically the World Cup will come without doubts and hesitations. Players of 16-team will be postponed if the lockdown and Corona continue for so long. BCCI is planned to begin the Indian Premier League, though it was not maintained and decided perfectly. But now it is not easy to fix the both of matches if the IPL date is decided now, then there is nothing to worry about the date for T20 world cup matches. Tylor said that CA of CCI wants to keep the BCCI the happiest one. In the same way, Tylor wants to keep the Australia people and the players are happy who will have been coming for IPL may be in October and the T20 world cup.

Mark also given the motto of this 2020’s IPL match is to spend even higher than the last year of record which is 15.50 crore especially for Australians. The great legend is Pat Cummins, so Tylor expects more than the previous one. If this COVID continues for so long, how it will be possible? So he conveys that to be patient until this pandemic gets down and after that only all will be happy and get ready for both IPL and T20 World Cup of 2020. Mark Tylor’s point of view is also an acceptable one because the viewers without playing cricket are like food without salt and it will be incomplete only!