People who were fascinating in cricket, they must be crossed the name Uthappa. What he has requested to Board of Control for Cricket in India? First of let us know who he is. Robin Venu Uthappa is an Indian team cricket player. He was right-handed batsman, right-arm medium bowling, and also the wicketkeeper. He has requested BCCI that was crossed over the controversy in BCCI.

Due to the pandemic, all the players were at home and communicate with fellow players through social media like Instagram. The people who were very much interested in news about cricket will observe everything like controversy, problem, and cheatings, and so on. Likewise, this statement of Uthappa also reviewed by so many fans of him and cricket.

Robin Uthappa

The statement of Uthappa:

Robin Uthappa is also the player of the Rajasthan Royals in IPL (Indian Premium League). There is a rule of BCCI and CCI for players (non-contracted) that they should not go for further country matches without permission. In the ‘the Doosra’ which is a BBC podcast, he said ‘it hurts while the players are not allowing to play the other country tournaments’. He uttered that ‘Let us go’. In this phrase the people can understand the deepest wound of the finest player.

He said that he is a learner and student of the cricket and so he wants to go further levels of cricket which every cricketer prefers to learn. Uthappa conveyed that when a player has played for so long at a convinced level, but come back again to play first-class cricket. While returning to such a situation, the player gets some break from it.

Robin Uthappa

As a player, he knew the pain of struck and not allowing to some other leagues of the world, Suresh Raina also accepted Uthappa’s point of view and supported him too. Uthappa felt frustrated while paying the first-class cricket, not only him also the other players. So they need some diversions to get motive and then come back to the field. He was exemplifying the emotion of a player that, when he goes for other leagues by crossed overseas, that would be very nice to have different atmospheres. Not only for this comfort but also he said that as a student of cricket he needs to grow well how much they can and how much they learn.

One of the brothers of Indian team Yusuf Pathan and Irfan Pathan both of them are not centrally contracted. So better they can be allowed for two T20 leagues with the permission of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. Even recently in the Instagram live chat, Suresh Raina has supported all the three players of the Indian team who were also the non-contracted players. Especially, Raina said to Irfan Pathan, he wishes that BCCI and ICC, or with some legal actions they should assign a feature for non-contracted players can go for some other countries to play T20 leagues and all. But the sad thing is, this Corona Virus attack only, this causes to procrastinate both the Indian Premier League and also the Lucrative League too by the Board of Control for Cricket in India.