Choosing the right bookmaker is decisive if you want to bet online. But how can you be sure to make the right choice? Do you know how many numbers of bookmakers exist on the Internet? Over 1000! And yet there are many punters who choose their bookmaker at random. They do not think twice and open an account on any site that allows taking sports bets. How to choose best bookmaker the main question faced in every sport betting

Choosing the best bookmaker: what you need to know to bet on the Internet

Sports and types of bets

Before you start betting online and hope to make money, it is a good idea to take the time to familiarize yourself with the offers offered by bookmakers. As our selection shows, there are many betting sites and the services available to punters vary enormously.

The most important criteria to make your choice

How to choose the best bookmaker, the one most suited to your expectations? Several essential criteria must be taken into account: reputation, safety, ergonomics, but also the number of sports and types of bets, the interest of the odds available, customer service … not to mention the bonuses and advantages reserved for new bettors.

These are the main points to check before registering and playing after having gone through these criteria, making a choice becomes more obvious. Although other criteria are not negligible, they cannot really influence the choice.

The reputation

A good reputation often means seriousness, reliability and honesty. If a bookmaker has gained notoriety, it is probably not for nothing. Indeed, it is thanks to its qualities and its comprehensive sports betting offer that it has attracted as many players as possible. Some websites have several million players worldwide. It is one of the best guarantees of satisfaction there is.


Indispensable in order not to have unpleasant surprises, the security of financial transactions and the protection of personal information are characteristics that bookmakers must master. Rest assured, most have already done their best to protect the wagers. In addition, contact details and other information on bettors are carefully kept and are not disclosed to third parties.

The security technologies employed by bookmakers are similar to those of banks, which guarantee maximum protection. All your transactions are protected and carried out transparently. You can therefore use your bank card in complete safety; it is the safest and most practical means of payment. Indeed, the technologies used are efficient and guarantee optimal security for all your transactions (incoming and outgoing). 

The sports and types of bets available

Choosing the best bookmaker

Although the desire of each website is to be as comprehensive as possible, each bookmaker tends to focus on a particular sport. It is often football which is the sport with the most media coverage and the most followed. The expectation and the passion of the bettor are decisive because they are what make all the difference in choosing his bookmaker. For example, if a match you wish to bet on is not shown, you will go and play elsewhere on the Internet. Simple, combined, handicaps are all types of bets that exist. There are, therefore, many possibilities for betting and winning. Once again, it is the gambling preferences of the bettor that will determine the suitable site.