There are many versions of cricket available these days. Out of those most popular versions, one is the IPL. When the tournament starts, people get crazy about it and they want to stay updated with every single news regarding this. Today in this article, we will tell you some of the very common ways through which the live IPL cricket matches can be enjoyed.

What is IPL 

know about the IPL game

Though most of the people these days know about the IPL game, there are still many of the people who might be completely unaware of this game. IPL is a new format for cricket which is played in India. The full form of it is the Indian Premier League. In this format, there are many teams from the Indian states and names of these teams are also like those Indian states and Union territories like Mumbai Indians, Delhi daredevils, and many others. In these teams, the players can be not just from India but from many other countries like Australia, Sri Lanka, England and others. The best part of these matches is the format of the game is just for 20 overs. In these matches, you can also see the players from the same international teams playing against each other through rival teams which they are a part of. This tournament is played every year and during the game, people want to know each and every detail, news of the matches. Let’s know some of the very popular media through which one can get the live updates about each match of this tournament.


Television is one of the most popular ways to get live updates of every of this tournament. Some of these channels which are dedicated to IPL and other cricket matches, keep playing on the live telecast of these matches. Some of the sports channels you can watch for free while for some other channels, you may need to pay and subscribe on some extra payment other than the basic pack of your dish tv. 


Mobile is also one of the most popular ways to stay updated with all the latest news about IPL and other sports. On mobiles, you can get the IPL new either through the apps or through the websites. Among these both, most of the people use apps rather than using websites. It is so because to access them as you need to first open the browser and then you need to open the website and it also takes a lot of time. In apps, you can open it very quickly and since there is no other content other than the cricket matches, the apps get open very faster.

Through the live telecast publicly 

live IPL cricket matches can be enjoyed

During the IPL matches in India, many of the private organisations and cricket lovers also arrange a big tv screen on some large open places. On such places, anyone can go and enjoy the live cricket match of IPL very easily. 

Just like these, there are many other ways that one can use to enjoy their favourite IPL matches.